Mauren Dowd: Worst Columnist Ever?

Maureen Dowd continues to astound me with her aimless ramblings. After catching enough flack for launching a vicious attack on Hillary Clinton during the primaries, one would think that she would give her personal commentary a bit of rumination before clicking the ‘post’ button.

That is evidently not the case with her newest opinion piece, a petty sham of an opinion that addresses no real issues and targets the right people for all the wrong reasons–as well as doing damage to Barack Obama–her darling. Firstly, let me commend Maureen for calling out the Republicans on their idiotic charicatures of Obama. I could not be more on her side in calling out the Republicans on the inane and completely baseless picture they attempt to paint of Obama as an ‘Elitist’. Dowd writes:

“He’s not Richie Rich, saved time and again by Daddy’s influence and Daddy’s friends, the one who got waved into Yale and Harvard and cushy business deals, who drank too much and snickered at the intellectuals and gave them snide nicknames.

Obama is the outsider who never really knew his dad and who grew up in modest circumstances, the kid who had to work hard to charm whites and build a life with blacks and step up to the smarty-pants set.

He might be smoking, but it would be at a cafe, hunched over a New York Times, an Atlantic magazine, his MacBook and some organic fruit-flavored tea, listening to Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks” on his iPod.”

Yes, because I’m sure the American voting public prefers its presidential candidates in the “hardworking bohemian” category rather than in the staid, completely tired, and oh-so-played “Elitist” category.

2 responses to “Mauren Dowd: Worst Columnist Ever?

  1. “Petty sham”? I thought it was excellent and especially succinct when discussing true “elitists” like the Bushes, et al, complaining about elitism.

    I find Dowd consistently good reading, and she’s been plenty skeptical of Obama, just as she was very far from a Clinton apologist during the 90’s, despite the vitriolic reaction and generalized labeling she gets from those whose idea of reasoned commentary is Ann Coulter.

    Left of center? Yes. Unfair? No.

    And it’s about damn time a Democratic Presidential candidate stopped apologizing for being articulate, well-read and possessed of refined, sensible tastes. George Bush is much more fanatical about his health than Barack Obama, and spends plenty of taxpayer time tending to it. Obama politely turns away from unhealthy food, and somehow he’s a snob.

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