Joy Division Review

Last night I saw a screening of the new(ish) documentary on the seminal post-punk group Joy Division, aptly titled “Joy Division”. I don’t think I liked the editing or directing job on it–there were numerous uses of iTunes and iPods (not kidding) which sort of made the whole thing feel like a joke. The interviews were great, but not very insightful.

I think the best part of the movie was its effort to emulate the aesthetic and feel of 1970’s Manchester. I think more than anything this treatment made me more receptive to Joy Division’s sound, and also made me think a lot more about how certain political and social atmospheres can give rise to artistic movements like Joy Division.

I don’t care much for the movie and can’t recommend it to anyone but the most die-hard Joy Division fans, but I can recommend the music itself–there’s no better way to learn about this timeless band than doing that.

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