It seems to me

That we must try to understand each other. Otherwise, well, “otherwise”? If we understand, yes, we must try to empathize. “Emphasize empathy, to empower the enfeebled youth.”

I am the tallest man on earth, because I’m standing on a rock roughly six thousand metres above sea level in South America. The reason I am taller than a British man of equal stature who stands upon Mt. Everest is because I am closer to space, and because I am closer to space I am taller. sub specie aeternitatis, we will continue to praise the triumphs of our forebears and decry the failures and shortcomings of our youth.

We all wish for a wistful time, and some of us get it long after we’ve left. Because really, that’s what being wistful means. It means to grow so weak, so utterly weak from longing that we can no longer yearn. We can simply look back, our hair being shuffled and run through by the eager hands of some foreign wind.

There’s nothing we can do but sing our songs and row our lifeboats home.


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