Slow news day…so I’ll post what I’ve written at Radar

This summer I’ve been an intern working for the editorial division at Radar Magazine; so far I’ve done mostly inane research and telephone calls requesting review copies of books, but one nice thing about the magazine is how many opportunities they give you to write for the website. Here’s what I’ve written so far over the Summer:

  1. Natalie Portman Saves, Barely!
  2. Facebooking the Candidates Kids
  3. Sandwich Hawker Still Among the Living
  4. RADLIBS: This American Life Edition
  5. Confirmed: Disco = Torture

I’ve also done a number of “Late Sift” posts, but since those are more or less just collections of links with clever captions, I won’t post them here; if you’re really that interested I’ll point you the list of articles I’ve penned at Radar on their own website.

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