New Search engine ‘Cuil’

Technology news sites were set abuzz today by the announcement of a new search engine called ‘cuil’ (pronounced ‘cool’.  How esoteric!) founded by some former Google engineers.

Cuil’s ostensible advantage over Google is that it searches more webpages – a debatable statistic, since Google limits its own number in order to discount extraneous pages that people don’t want to be searching through in the first place such as duplicate webpages, dynamic calendars, etc.

So, I tried giving it a spin.  Thoughts?  Well, first I tried the search string “Beck Modern Guilt” – the name of one of my favorite singer-songwriters and his new album.  There should be a lot of hits, right?  Actually, no: “No Results Found.”  How is this possible?  I don’t understand.  When I shorten the string to “Beck” plenty of different terms show up, and it appears that they are ordering their search engine by category.  If I search ‘Beck’ then the most popular searches containing the word show up: all the different people or places with the word ‘Beck’ in the name.  Irritating, is it not?  There is a tab for each search term, and then a set of results for each term.  Each website has a paragraph of text describing it.  How can you possibly accomplish a search when you have little more than 2 results in a single page?

Well, don’t count on anything major happening in the browser wars.  Google continues its march, and venture capital continues to sink its money into things that will inevitably fail.


One response to “New Search engine ‘Cuil’

  1. Try this page on Cuil. I didn’t come up with this link, its one of the tabs present in their website. You will be surprised to see “Oops! We couldn’t find that page” displayed just like it displays for a whole bunch of search. It is very annoying. Compared to Googls’s suggestions for misspelled words you can practically search anything that comes your mind and Google will correct it for you. Cuil is way behind in many respect with Google.

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