10 things to Scratch off your Worry list-

Hilarious (and informative to boot!) article on one of my favorite blogs, TierneyLab (NYtimes-login may be required).  Tierney details ten things that the media will do its best to make you worry about, but that in reality are of little concern.

Tierney Writes:

10. Unmarked wormholes. Could your vacation be interrupted by a sudden plunge into a wormhole? From my limited analysis of space-time theory and the movie “Jumper,” I would have to say that the possibility cannot be eliminated. I would also concede that if the wormhole led to an alternate universe, there’s a good chance your luggage would be lost in transit.

But what about the Large Hadron Collider, John? I’m pretty fucking worried about my beach towel (and me) being swallowed up by some huge fucking black hole when I’m just about to get a decent suntan.  And the media sure doesn’t seem to want to report on that, do they?  Leave it to the Europeans.  Does anyone else find it ironic that the Europeans are responsible for scientific rationalism, yet with this experiment may be the reason for Humanity’s doom?  You might be able to tell that I’m actually hoping for the (actually quite unlikely) LHC to create some supermassive black hole that swallows us all up.  It’ll easier than dying of global warming hysteria, that’s for sure.


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