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Sarah Palin: Huh?

The liberal media machine is wringing its hands over McCain’s choice.  While sentiments range from, “Huh.  McCain may just be a little smart.” to, “Huh.  This is proof positive that McCain is an idiot.”  I think the operative word at either end of the spectrum is almost certainly “Huh.” Continue reading


What I’m reading today

The Arts & Letters Daily (featured on my blog already) is a good way to find new knowledge.  Today I’m pushing my way through Martin Amis’ piece for the WSJ titled “Terrorism’s New Structure“.

Obama’s Demographic Problem

I promised that I would write about this, but unfortunately I haven’t had the time to do the proper research on it.  Maybe just writing my thoughts down will prompt someone to do some due diligence on the matter.  Anyway, the issue is this: Obama (and by extension the Democratic party) has been selling itself as ‘the party of the common man’.  In essence, Obama and the Democrats are banking on the American voter punishing the Republicans for the current state of the economy.  The Democrats have found their example cases to feature in commercials: “people just like you” who have lost their homes, lost their jobs, their way of life, etc.  These ads are meant to cause empathy between the average voter and the Democratic party.

The problem: who is going to empathize? Continue reading

Thoughts so far on the Democratic Convention

I haven’t been paying the level of attention necessary to parse all of the small talk and deal-making that surrounds the convention of any party.  However, here are some of my thoughts about all of the recent coverage: Continue reading


Sorry folks, I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for my next post.  However I am now in a rush to get all my things packed up to move from Manhattan to Poughkeepsie.  I’ll be pretty unengaged over the course of this week, however, so expect more posts.  A few hints at what I’m going to be writing on:

  • Consumerism, and how to avoid it?
  • The mind-body problem in science (a possible topic for my thesis)
  • Obama’s demographic problems

So, get excited!  Or not.  I think there’s about 30 people who visit me on a more or less daily basis.  Or just six who visit me five times a day.  Regardless, I know you all are out there, and I appreciate being read.  So please keep coming, and I promise!  By tuesday I will have something up.  Until then, wish me luck on my dreaded move-out-move-in.

Your friday morning reading

Hello everyone, I just woke up.  I love sleeping late!  The Times has a perplexing article about a man who stole thousands and thousands of bicycles in Toronto.  Naturally, since Toronto (and the area he lived in) is being overrun by the Hipster Hordes, someone is making a documentary about him, and people are quoted as believing him to be a “neighborhood philosopher”, a relic of a seemingly bygone era.

I just think it’s amusing that this guy stole so many bikes.  What was he planning to do with them?  That is likely to be one of those questions that will never have an answer.

things I’m looking at: Vice fashion

One of the original aims of this blog was to collect all of the various websites and objects I come across over the course of my internet travels.  Typically however these things are in and out of my mind before I can remember that someone else might appreciate them.  I’m trying to turn over a new leaf, but until then you all will have to do with sporadic updates of this sort.  In any case, I was drawn to the photography in the latest Vice magazine fashion shoot: