Cleaning up shop.

To anyone who slavishly refreshes this blog in the hope that I will somehow update it in the intervening clicks–I am truly sorry.  Not for witholding from you my brilliant prose for about 7 hours, but because I’ve been messing around so much with the design.  I’m trying to strike a contrast between simplicity, readability, and aesthetic.  Without going into too much detail, WordPress charges you to make modifications to any of the designs, and since I’m a cheapass, I’ve forgone those expenses in favor of mucking about with the default ‘free’ themes.  So, sorry about all that.  And to soothe your jangled synapses?  The top 5 moments in Ren and Stimpy history (it is a Saturday morning after all, and Saturday mornings are for watching cartoons):

One response to “Cleaning up shop.

  1. White on black hurts the eyes. Serifs are also easier to read. Ironic then, that I myself use a white on black sans serif theme, Hemingway. I can’t bring myself to part with it. Picking a new themes is a pain. I read most everything through an RSS reader anyway.

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