Olympics Opening Ceremony…Wow.

Just finished watching the lengthy, but nevertheless impressive opening ceremony in Beijing.  China definitely puts its name out there, even if it lost its opportunity to win the first gold medal of the competition.

China’s almost certain to win the gold medal count by the end of the tournament, but I’m not really interested in that: I just can’t wait to see their basketball team get stomped on by the “Redeem” team.  Typically, Americans are pretty easygoing about their sports–when we win or lose, it doesn’t really matter–but the embarassment of placing third in Athens was comical.  It was almost like we had suffered a humiliation on an epic scale.  And in retrospect, I guess it was.

Oh well, all I know is that the team is much better this year, and hopefully come the end of August the Americans will be bathing in the blood of their rivals.  Forgive my temporary nationalist fervor.  When my senses are assaulted by all manner of pretty colors and corporate logos, I can’t help but feel the stirrings of my deep-seated patriotism.  I’ll figure out some manner of self- and collective-deprecation to tone myself down once the games are over.  Until then, however: “U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


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