Edwards’ public flogging continues…

With Maureen Dowd’s eloquent excoriations in today’s Times.  I complained earlier about Dowd’s editorials (in that case I was sarcastically chastising her for saying that Obama would be her kind of elitist for smoking a cigarette and listening to Bob Dylan, not the country-club elite of the republican party–not the kind of praise that will go over well with the average voter).  That time, proofking, a reader (yes, endangered species in these parts), pointed out that Dowd is “excellent and especially succinct when discussing true “elitists” like the Bushes, et al, complaining about elitism.”

I agree but I also think that the petty moralizing that Dowd engages with in pieces like this are really just degrading the national dialogue.  I have no problem condemning a man who professes to want to instill America with higher morals.  However I think that the morals that must be instilled in America should dissipate themselves less on meaningless liaisons and instead focus on the issues that will determine the United States’ economic, military, and social stability.


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