Thoughts so far on the Democratic Convention

I haven’t been paying the level of attention necessary to parse all of the small talk and deal-making that surrounds the convention of any party.  However, here are some of my thoughts about all of the recent coverage:

The rabid support of Hillary Clinton continues to alarm me.

Bill Clinton’s reticence illustrates a willingness of the Clintons to derail the Democratic bid in order to secure Hillary’s chances in 2012.

John McCain is smarter than I thought he was.  He is doing a reasonably good job of injecting strife and conflict into the convention, and he doesn’t seem to be having a great deal of trouble getting supporters from the ideological right.  Some 25% of Hillary supporters are reported to be throwing their support behind McCain, which means trouble for Obama in November.

Obama doesn’t seem to be articulating his message very well.  His cult of personality has managed to stifle most skepticism about him, but when he’s been given the chance to articulate himself on things like Education, he seems to be tacking along with headwinds, rather than forming a coherent policy.  McCain is lucky because he can pick an issue like Offshore drilling and differentiate himself from Obama by asserting a positive (drill for oil) over a negative (don’t drill).  This works the same for the War in Iraq, especially since it is going so well right now for the American occupation.  Anyone who says that we are a nation incapable of imperial ambitions is lying to you.  Georgia is another perfect example of why people who are bemoaning the loss of US clout don’t really know what they are talking about.

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