What I’m reading today

The Arts & Letters Daily (featured on my blog already) is a good way to find new knowledge.  Today I’m pushing my way through Martin Amis’ piece for the WSJ titled “Terrorism’s New Structure“.


2 responses to “What I’m reading today

  1. Amis has been under quite a bit of criticism by the left of the political spectrum here in the UK for some of his more incendiary comments marking out Muslim exceptionalism when it comes to terror attacks, seemingly overlooking Catholic terrorism based in the Republic of Ireland etc. Interesting article nonetheless.

  2. I’m normally wary of conservative pundits who have an ideology to flog about terrorism, but what I found compelling about this article was that Amis doesn’t seem to be tacking like a usual conservative by painting Al Qaedaism as a manifestation of some sort of Gibbonsian culture-clash between the enlightened West and the savage Orient. Instead I think he quite rightly points to the recent trend towards hyper-individualism in the West as a cause of the alienation that gives rise to the people willing to take out these attacks.

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