ART: Trevor Paglin

Saw a great feature of this guy’s work at Vice Magazine.  He sets up huge telescopes that are normally meant to spot planets and other solar-system objects and points them at top secret military installations from the tops of mountains.  The result is a really weird picture that is on the one somewhat voyeuristic (in the sense that we are peeking at things we ought not see) but on the other purely artistic–as he says, demonstrating the limits of vision.


2 responses to “ART: Trevor Paglin

  1. Um, has he got a problem with the auto focus on his telescope in the pic on the right?! I assume a telescope would be able to produce a better pic than that? Unless its a problem with the daylight etc and aiming at buildings rather than planets etc.

  2. the article clears that up. He’s taking it from such a great distance (apparently the pic to the right is from the top of a mountain) that the atmosphere bends the light to such a degree that it is impossible to see the object clearly.

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