Happy 9/11!

How will you be celebrating the death of democracy in the United States?


2 responses to “Happy 9/11!

  1. Well, I thought the traditional things to do on this day are;

    -Wiretap your friends and family!
    -Play ‘interrogators & innocent prisoners’ (avec orange jump suits!)
    -Play a Middle East only version of ‘Risk’
    -Sing patriotic songs… remember, if you fluff a line, don’t sing loud enough or don’t literally wrap yourself in a flag, you may be taken outside for a good ‘talking’ to.
    -End the day enjoying some traditional Iraqi & Afghan cuisine in front of The O’Reilly Factor listening to him complain the Iraqi economy is in surplus and how Americans should demand their money back!

  2. We should get our money back. I think that instead of the gold standard we should be on the ‘flat screen television’ standard. 75 billion? That’s what, like a flat screen television for every man, woman and child?

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