The weekly update…

The stifling heat over the past two days and its accompanying humidity has rendered any sort of scholarly impulses naught, so I figured I’d just write down a general update about what I’ve been up to lately.  After all, blogs are for little else than advertising to the rest of the world the daily inanities that the writer faces (and somehow a few of these writers get a massive following).

Working backwards, last night my housemates and I threw a barbecue / housewarming party, with good results.  Even though it was raining we somehow managed to make some pretty decent burgers on a charcoal grill, and a good 20 people showed up for the festivities.  At one point Brian and Ben put on a show of their new group “Dancing Granny”, in which Brian pounds on a synthesizer and Ben does interpretive dancing.  Had Aimee up from NYC and she was the star of the night.  What is often said about British accents is actually quite true: People were impressed without even listening to what she was saying.  This either reflects well on English diction or poorly on Americans.  It’s probably some mixture of both.

These past few weeks my time has been consumed by an application for a Watson Fellowship, and research for my impending senior thesis for my Philosophy major.  I’m writing about Chinese and English grammars, with special treatment of certain theories of meaning holism, which I think will be particularly interesting when seen in the light of these grammatical differences.

I am also taking a seminar on Plato, which is proving to be just as difficult as it is rewarding (these things often turn out like this).  Along with this, I am taking a classics course on Mythology, and an English course on Victorian poetry.  Trying to plot out the next few months of my life has really proved to be a suck on time.  The loss of free time across my first three years is no comparison to the lack of free time I enjoy now and what I had in junior year (sorry for my horrible diction; as you can tell I don’t even have the time to obsess over a blog post every once in a while anymore).


2 responses to “The weekly update…

  1. your thesis sounds so interesting! what have you got so far? i’d like to see.

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