#97’s better than #101, I guess

I was wondering why the above happened; apparently I am #97 on the list of blogs that are “growing”.  Whatever the significance, My particular brand of cultural pollution and taint has now reached the eyes of about five times more people than it normally does.  Welcome to the other side, fellow-travelers!


3 responses to “#97’s better than #101, I guess

  1. As someone who regularly contributes already, I better get as much space to blather on as I do now once all the new people turn up to add their 2 cents worth! 😉

  2. Oh, also I’ve found a knack for making your posts popularity spike… just give a stupidly insane title as well as a load of tags that relate to diff categories. My post ‘$1 trillion Dollar note enters circulation’ managed to suck more people in than posts I actually take more than 4 mins to put together…!

  3. interesting, I like your ideas….where do I sign up to your newsletter?

    I’m thinking about a tagging algorithm that will take the most commonly-used nouns on the google news home and put them as tags to each one of my posts.

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