To Sarah Palin, ‘Counsel’ = ‘Force’

Q: If a 15-year-old girl is raped by her 40-year-old father, do you think that she should not be allowed to have an abortion?

Here’s my counsel: Be careful on this one, Sarah!  They’re out to get you!  Talk about how Dinosaurs and Humans coexisted 5999 years ago, or something!  Anything but say you believe in the sallow-fruits of incest and coertion!

A: I’d counsel her to choose life.

Well, I suppose you could have done worse, like, say, pulling out a 30-06 and shooting Katie Couric in the head with it.  From an Airplane you used to chase her to the point of exhaustion.


One response to “To Sarah Palin, ‘Counsel’ = ‘Force’

  1. Sorry, but can we get back to talking about how stylish her glasses are and her kid who’s having a baby or whatever it is… If you wont stick to the issues I’ll have to go elsewhere to get my ‘news’. 😉

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