About Me

Alright, it’s about time I got rid of that intended-upon-being-mysterious-yet-quite-probably-irritating message that was here before.  I’m a 21-year-old Senior at Vassar College, desperately grasping for those last few shreds of personal dignity and self-motivation to complete both my Chinese and Philosophy majors.  I’m interested in writing.  Personal caveat: I can’t stop reading, and when I read, I find my own writing to be overwrought and wholly uninteresting.  It’s somewhat like one of those situations where you’re fat, therefore depressed–which of course leads to more eating.

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  My journey to the northeast for a respectable education has resulted in a healthy disdain for this particular region of the cosmos, and has also given rise to a concurrent desire to get the hell out and go West.

My main interests include soccer, skateboarding, reading, and surfing the internet.  The lattermost activity has afforded me the bounty of an attention-span of the comparable length to that of a fruitfly, or some other lower invertebrate: I blame this on my generational circumstances–I’ve also heard my generation has the propensity to blame their circumstances for internal problems.

As you can probably tell, I overthink things, but this can be good!  Especially if you want to give a job to someone who you want to think about contingencies and unknowns–I’m good at that.

To conclude, I’ll just say that like most other 21-year-olds with a soapbox and hopes of a pension, I have little to offer about myself other than some unpoetic pieces of wax.  That means this blog will probably serve as a testament to the mind of someone who could find no other outlet for their attention; symptoms of a generation, they say: sheer boredom is my own answer.


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Just wanted to say, I’ve just found your blog and have read a few entries and found them really interesting! Look forward to reading regularly!

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