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moving to tumblr

Because it’s easier, and wordpress is too clumsy and slow for my liking.  See you all there!


A short respite.

Stop visiting this website for a week.  I won’t be writing here, as I will be too busy reading for my thesis in New Mexico.

This is Golden.

Levi Palin did not want to have kids, according to his myspace profile.

Paris Hilton’s response to McCain’s advertisement

I honestly didn’t think she had it in her.  Original McCain commercial after the jump.
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On willful mediocrity

The Monkey Cage leads with an article about ‘being a B’–that is, being someone who is not focused entirely on success and hard work.  Their argument (for my purposes) centers around a neurological explanation of insight.  We seem to come up with our greatest thoughts while our brain is ‘sorting’ information.  The mind, it seems, is more prone towards new lines of thought and new conjectures when it is in a state of repose, rather than focused on a singular goal.

This seems straightforward enough.  How do we reconcile this with the path of Western progress, however?  To me the technological and intellectual innovations of the past thousand years can be mostly attributed to minds who worked their asses off at their goal.  Indeed, laziness is one of the cardinal sins of christianity.  Looking at civilizations that pride leisure time, you can see that technology is not advancing at the pace that it theoretically ought to.  Forgive my wild generalizing, but I have a hard time making a rationalization that I think would inevitably lead towards my intellectual decline (my demons being indolence, drink, and all manner of activities that are the logical conclusion of too much relaxation).

I think the answer lies somewhere in between these two conflicting extremes.  As many people say, all things in moderation.  As I say, all things in moderation, including moderation.

Starting at VF..

Starting my internship today with Vanity Fair.  I perceive that I will have less time to blog there than I enjoyed at my previous employer, so everyone who reads this blog (all four of you) will have to forgive me for my reticence this week.

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Oh look! Ewan McGregor wants to show us all how pleasant Africa can be.

How saintly: Ewan McGregor and a friend took a motorycycle trip all the way down to South Africa from Scotland.  Apparently, Africa isn’t the land of heads on pikes and the seething, corrupted heart of mankind.  It’s a relatively pleasant place!  How quaint.

Sarcasm aside, Ewan should get off of his high horse (or in this case, motorycle) and realize that 1) his views are inherently biased by his perspective.  There deference, kindness, and hospitality he was shown in Africa certainly couldn’t have been on account of his travelling with a TV crew (and presumably lots of money), could it?

By fighting a bias that shouldn’t be there in the first place, McGregor is just feeding European paternalism by acknowledging it into existence.  Better to respect Africa’s sovereignty and let it speak for itself.