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Actually, I retract my previous statements. is the logical conclusion of Capitalism:

Yes, that’s right: has shown just which demographic group is willing to spend $25 dollars to put their party ahead in at least some sort of poll.  At least the discussion board for it is amusing.  The whole idea has been universally panned.  Never before has an item so thoroughly earned the tag “vapid consumerism”.  Congratulations, Amazon!

#97’s better than #101, I guess

I was wondering why the above happened; apparently I am #97 on the list of blogs that are “growing”.  Whatever the significance, My particular brand of cultural pollution and taint has now reached the eyes of about five times more people than it normally does.  Welcome to the other side, fellow-travelers!

Words that are no longer allowed because everyone uses them

If someone on the internet decides to use a new word of either archaic or obscure origin, it will almost always be imitated by someone else.  This has been the case for as long as the word has been written down on paper and shared with other people.  The advent of the internet, however, has made the cycle by which words fall in and out of fashion much shorter, as well as much more easily observed.  A writer will choose a word to use that will demonstrate their esoteric knowledge or their seemingly eccentric sensibilities.  Someone else picks up on a word well-used and imitates it in their own writing.  Pretty soon, one sees it in newsprint, on television, and in music.

I’m not someone who will stop wearing an article of clothing because it has all of a sudden come into fashion (and is therefore worthy of the irksome moniker ‘trendy’).  Some words are invoked for little other reason than their obscurity.  Because of the phenomenon above, however, these words quickly lose their use.  When I spot these words in newsprint, it serves to render its home (the article in which it is used) impotent.  Some of the words I have in mind:

  • Vapid
  • Belated
  • Fierce
  • Predicate

I had a much longer list in mind when I started this post, but in my efforts to not use any of these words in the post itself I forgot most of them.  I’ll update the list when they cross my mind (or my path online) again.


I spotted a new Firefox extension called SpinSpotter today.  The program claims that it can highlight instances of bias in news stories for neutral-minded journalism students.  My expectations for it were never very high, but I came away from it thinking it an able demonstration of why journalism school ought to be avoided.  I set its filter to the most sensitive setting, and then surfed over to the New York Times, a reliable source of left-center bias.  The result?  Here’s the only highlight I managed to find after surfing through a number of politics items:

I won’t hold my breath for this program.

things I’m looking at: Vice fashion

One of the original aims of this blog was to collect all of the various websites and objects I come across over the course of my internet travels.  Typically however these things are in and out of my mind before I can remember that someone else might appreciate them.  I’m trying to turn over a new leaf, but until then you all will have to do with sporadic updates of this sort.  In any case, I was drawn to the photography in the latest Vice magazine fashion shoot:

Does this mean I’m internet famous?

I got the subject line from a friend who posted a New York Magazine post about Allison Poole aka. Rielle Hunter, John Edward’s main squeeze on my wall.  The article links to MY article about James McInerney’s account of Allison’s personality in his book.

Also, check out the online feature I posted today about the worst Viral ads that have come out so far this year:

by ME!

by ME!