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things I’m looking at: Vice fashion

One of the original aims of this blog was to collect all of the various websites and objects I come across over the course of my internet travels.  Typically however these things are in and out of my mind before I can remember that someone else might appreciate them.  I’m trying to turn over a new leaf, but until then you all will have to do with sporadic updates of this sort.  In any case, I was drawn to the photography in the latest Vice magazine fashion shoot:


Project Runway Blows, and I hate Everyone who Watches it.

Is there anything more loathsome these days than television in general?  Yes, it’s Project Runway, the most morally bankrupt program to ever depreciate the value of my plasma TV. Continue reading

This awesome Clampdown Black Twill jacket from Brixton Ltd. just shipped to me.

Clampdown Black Twill

Clampdown Black Twill

Billykirk: greatest map bag I have ever seen.

Caught this over at Kitsune Noir, a design blog I frequent: The Billykirk “Shoulder Satchel”

I really love the leather quality and the amount of craftsmanship that obviously went into this bag.  Too bad it’s $375; but I suppose owning something that will differentiate you from the squalid masses does have its price, yeah?  Imagine using it to hold a MacBook Air–there would probably be room left over for some clothes pins to use to plug up your nose–you never know how snooty you will need to sound when looking down the bridge of your proboscis at the ogling plebiscite.

You can tell I obviously put too much thought into this fantasy.