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To Sarah Palin, ‘Counsel’ = ‘Force’

Q: If a 15-year-old girl is raped by her 40-year-old father, do you think that she should not be allowed to have an abortion?

Here’s my counsel: Be careful on this one, Sarah!  They’re out to get you!  Talk about how Dinosaurs and Humans coexisted 5999 years ago, or something!  Anything but say you believe in the sallow-fruits of incest and coertion!

A: I’d counsel her to choose life.

Well, I suppose you could have done worse, like, say, pulling out a 30-06 and shooting Katie Couric in the head with it.  From an Airplane you used to chase her to the point of exhaustion.


Fancy that! The Times publishes a conservative editorial!

Ah, the hypocrisies of modern-day liberalism.  I’m not one to pick bones, because as a liberal myself, I’ve got little else than my proboscis (as is the case with most of my brethren) to look down, not anything of real substance.  However, today the New York Times ran this opinion piece by the reliably-conservative and ever-reactionary Nicholas Kristol.  It’s main rub?  Well, apparently we, the United States, owe Georgia, big time.  At least, that’s the conclusion of an argument that takes as its premises: Continue reading