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#97’s better than #101, I guess

I was wondering why the above happened; apparently I am #97 on the list of blogs that are “growing”.  Whatever the significance, My particular brand of cultural pollution and taint has now reached the eyes of about five times more people than it normally does.  Welcome to the other side, fellow-travelers!


Vanity Fair.

Is going by slowly, and without work.  Time to bring a book into work, so I can engage in something more edifying than endless circumnavigations of the internet.

Everything else is going swimmingly in my life, though.  I’m getting more and more excited about my final (!) year at Vassar.  I saw Scott and his lovely girlfriend Virva off today; they cooked me a lovely dinner last night, which Karen and Jay graced with their presence.

The biggest conundrum: to stick with Chinese, or not to stick with Chinese?  It’s tempting to drop it so I can focus more of my energy on my philosophy thesis, but I am cognizant of how important fluency in the language will be.