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Actually, I retract my previous statements.

Amazon.com is the logical conclusion of Capitalism:

Yes, that’s right: Amazon.com has shown just which demographic group is willing to spend $25 dollars to put their party ahead in at least some sort of poll.  At least the discussion board for it is amusing.  The whole idea has been universally panned.  Never before has an item so thoroughly earned the tag “vapid consumerism”.  Congratulations, Amazon!


A logical conclusion.

“The customer is always right.”

From this premise comes the downfall of Western secular-christian society.  The customer is always right, and the best customer is a loyal customer.  A loyal customer is happy, and starts using a product from a young age.  Therefore the young person is always right.

What do young people want?  Instant gratification.  Even more so, they want to feel right.  What does this mean?  A company must tailor its product and message so that it conforms to the child’s desires.  If a desire becomes a belief, and a belief is confirmed, the child will hold the desire long past its period of usefulness.  A company whose product not only satisfies a childhood desire but makes it into a deeply-held belief is a successful product, worthy of a company that believes the customer to be right.

Dubarry Leather Holdall

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something to buy.  The silence was purposefully done in order to exercise my imagination–it seems the wont of my generation to do little else with their creative impulses than re-post youtube videos or maintain fashion blogs–this latter being something I want to particularly avoid.  

If you knew me you would probably have a hard time thinking that I would maintain one of those god-awful websites that corrupt and pervade the internet.  However I constantly find cool things on the websites I visit that are almost always tempting to purchase.  As such it is tempting to tell everyone else I know about them via this blog, and, long story short–it really is possible.  In any case, no more preambles.  Today I’m showing you all the Dubarry leather Holdall.  Dubarry is a small brand operating out of Ireland but have some really smart bags for carrying all the accoutrement of English aristocrats: guns, boots, boot cases, gun cases, etc.

I wish the bag were more within my price range.  I found this company though when my parents said they were very close to buying one for me while on a trip to England.  So maybe my urges will be gratified!

Project Runway Blows, and I hate Everyone who Watches it.

Is there anything more loathsome these days than television in general?  Yes, it’s Project Runway, the most morally bankrupt program to ever depreciate the value of my plasma TV. Continue reading

Hickey Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Flight of fancy, I know.  And Hickey is a really bro-ish brand as well.  But this is a great sweater, and a steal for the sale price.

This awesome Clampdown Black Twill jacket from Brixton Ltd. just shipped to me.

Clampdown Black Twill

Clampdown Black Twill

Billykirk: greatest map bag I have ever seen.

Caught this over at Kitsune Noir, a design blog I frequent: The Billykirk “Shoulder Satchel”

I really love the leather quality and the amount of craftsmanship that obviously went into this bag.  Too bad it’s $375; but I suppose owning something that will differentiate you from the squalid masses does have its price, yeah?  Imagine using it to hold a MacBook Air–there would probably be room left over for some clothes pins to use to plug up your nose–you never know how snooty you will need to sound when looking down the bridge of your proboscis at the ogling plebiscite.

You can tell I obviously put too much thought into this fantasy.