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Fancy that! The Times publishes a conservative editorial!

Ah, the hypocrisies of modern-day liberalism.  I’m not one to pick bones, because as a liberal myself, I’ve got little else than my proboscis (as is the case with most of my brethren) to look down, not anything of real substance.  However, today the New York Times ran this opinion piece by the reliably-conservative and ever-reactionary Nicholas Kristol.  It’s main rub?  Well, apparently we, the United States, owe Georgia, big time.  At least, that’s the conclusion of an argument that takes as its premises: Continue reading


Aerial Drones and the Future of American Warfare

William Saletan wrote an interesting (and unusually straightforward) piece on automated drones policing the skies of countries that find themselves on the receiving end of American imperialism.  I think this kind of commentary is merited, especially when most people try and spin new technological advances as bringing on the end of days or as the greatest thing to happen (though usually the former).

Saletan writes: Continue reading