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Did Ayers write Obama’s Memoir?

This article in The American Thinker points out the similarities between Obama’s and Ayers’ prose and style.  I’m not one to believe a scientific analysis will yield trustworthy results when you’re conducting this sort of investigation.  

Obama has put himself into an interesting situation by staying mum about his association with Ayers.  His problem is now one of disclosure: if he had come clean about Ayers writing his memoir, then he would surely be on better ground than if it is somehow proved that Ayers wrote Dreams of my Father, against Obama’s assertions to the contrary.  

I don’t think that there will be any conclusive answer before the election is held, but I’m interested to see how this pans out.  If the Right manages to raise enough fuss about this issue, we may see Obama let on a little bit more about his relationship with an ignominious public personality (Why hasn’t Ayers spoken up yet?).

In any case, this whole business would only amount to a serious challenge to Obama if McCain drops Palin as his running-mate.  Sane Americans (no matter their feelings about the Weather Underground) find the prospect of her behind the controls unpalatable.  As for the masses of my fellow-man who I cannot speak for but will determine this election: An American would rather be dead than poor.  We can safely conclude that this maxim will bring the Democrats into power.